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Hold your event in this unique, vibrant space. The McLean Textile Gallery is perfect for your corporate and private events — conferences, meetings, and seminars. Call (703) 281-4091 for more information.


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The McLean Textile Gallery and God's promise provides a platform for world-class artists and designers.

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Lovers of fiber art and color will delight in the visual treat of richly textural cityscapes and abstract fantasies by Ludmila Aristova. She skillfully folds, tucks, stitches, pleats, unravels, appliqués and embroiders gorgeous fabrics in ways that explore light and color. In her hands the lowly prairie point is elevated to a refined design. Her cityscapes give us a fresh, magical look at the world and the effects of changing light on urban architecture. Breathe deeply with her through her Serenity series, created during the pandemic.


The longer you look at a piece of Ludmila Aristova’s work, the more there is to discover. See for yourself why she is an internationally recognized fiber artist known for her award-winning fine-art quilted and mixed media works.


Now through July 28th

Experience the bold, colorful modern quilts of Audrey Esarey and Kelly Spell, in an exhibit they call “Complementary Curves”. 


Each artist shares her independent series of works exploring circles and curved designs resulting in a complementary collection of compositions that celebrate color and shape.  Their work, while modern and contemporary, leverages techniques grounded in the tradition of quilted textile art.  Drawn to dynamic color combinations that emphasize contrast in value and hue, Audrey and Kelly strive to push the boundaries of quilting beyond a singular, repeating block motif.


The backstory of this exhibit is so much of this moment. These award-winning quiltmakers each had pieces included in a 2 year traveling Modern Quilt Guild show that were often installed near one another. Friends would send photos from each site, and there, again, was the other piece. Although Audrey and Kelly had met at the MQG convention, this co-journey of their artworks deepened their artistic friendship. During the pandemic, their regular studio visits by video kept them sane, working and inspired.  

Through July 28th