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The Virginia Quilt Museum

Designs Across Dimensions: Quilts of All Sizes
August 2 - September 9

Quilts come in a range of sizes. From tiny quilts made for dolls to huge pieces made for king size beds, there is no minimum or maximum size for a quilt. Smaller quilts, whether they were made as a toy or as crib quilt, were made from the same designs as larger quilts, just shrunk to accommodate the smaller size. Sometimes quilters used the same pattern and fabric to make both a bed size quilt and a crib quilt. The quilt version of matching outfits!

This exhibition features four duos and one trio of quilts from the Virginia Quilt Museum’s. Each grouping explores how a different pattern or technique was used in quilts from large to small. Discover how quilters from the 1850s through the 1940s made quilts of all sizes and what changes they made when scaling patterns. Quilts of all styles were miniaturized – from more traditional pieced styles to crazy quilts and everything in between. 


The Virginia Quilt Museum (VQM) is located in Harrisonburg with a mission to cultivate and preserve the quilting arts in Virginia. VQM promotes a unique blend of art and cultural heritage. With three floors of gallery space the museum celebrates the beauty of quilts through exhibitions that change at least three times a year. Historical, modern, art, and traditional quilts are featured simultaneously, allowing visitors the opportunity to explore the variety of styles, techniques, themes, and artistry found in quilts. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm.

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