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The 238 Textile Collective

May 9 - June 17

Conversations happen all the time with other beings. However, the most intimate ones happen internally with ourselves. When we create, we engage in an internal conversation that becomes visible and connected to the cloth textile.


Meditating on the meaning of attachment while actually weaving fibers, mending torn and frayed edges, and sewing pieces together continues to teach us about the interconnectedness of human beings and how we can love more deeply.

Stitching and dry felting processes use a needle to weave fibers together through repetitive and aggressive jabbing motions. Wet felting and the process of joomchi incorporates water and friction to create connection. These processes can become the antidotes to overwhelming emotions such as anger, despair, and sadness, by instilling feelings of hope and beauty.

The years of the pandemic have taught us that everything is attached and interconnected. As Rumi teaches, let us hold on to our thread.

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