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Tea Okropiridze

I view art as a language uniquely suited to serve us in ways a verbal language cannot. My art is a creative act to express my feelings and emotions, using fiber medium such as Gobelin Tapestry and Silk Fusion. By creating my work, I intend to show the audience what I have seen and found interesting and beautiful in my life. I create a two-dimensional composition, rich with color and the texture of hand-woven textiles, or fiber by combining three dimensional forms around me and transforming them into a decorative or abstract image. While I create my art, I try to use natural resources such a wool and silk. However, I do not limit myself with only using natural material, and sometimes I mix with synthetic and artificial yarns, fibers, or different fabric scraps to give the composition the desired look and aesthetic.  My creative process often starts from sketching design, small size painting, drawing, and/or making a collage, however, I particularly enjoy the actual process of weaving tapestry and silk fusion since I personally view it as a challenge of painting with yarn or silk fiber. Fiber art, like any other work of art, should make the viewer think. It should not tell the viewer what to think, but it should guide the viewers to think in a new way.

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