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Lauren Kingsland

I will display large wall-sized improvised machine-made quilts incorporating lots of varied printed fabrics.  The pieces incorporate intertwined continuous lines, or kolam patterns, which are part of a women’s daily meditative design practice from southern India.   “Use the materials at hand to create something that warms the body and delights the soul.”  This makers’ wisdom can refer to making elaborate improvised quilts, or to making good soup.  It is about living a mindful life. We are to see abundance around us and use it to nourish ourselves and others.  The pandemic in 2020 was a call to re-examine what is important in how we live and the materials we use. These pieced quilts include re-purposed experiments, some treasured UFOs and remaining yardage from commissions.    The large quilts are designed to be used as bed quilts.  A rich diversity of patterns provides something new to see every morning.   

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