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Kendra Biddick

December 6 – January 12

Fiber Paintings—
Inner and Outer Landscapes

What’s to be seen in Spain’s backcountry? Images from my 2016 walk through the backcountry of Spain comprise half this exhibition of fiber paintings.  The other half is more free-flowing and abstract internal landscapes answering questions such as “How does it feel when there are too many options to choose from?” Each fiber painting in this exhibition is a unique fabric made individually from loose wool and other materials such as silk fibers, fabrics, and yarn. When I apply soap, water and manipulation the fibers interdigitate, nestle together, and slowly transform into fabric whose surface textures I can control by judicious application of knowledge about how the fibers interact. Embellishment with stitching, felted sweaters, or other fabrics adds details, excitement and more dimensions.


About the Artist

Although I enjoy painting, ceramics, and drawing, my first love is felting. I enjoy the sometimes complex planning required and the ability to create dimensionality by using the fiber in different ways. The feel and qualities of the fiber change as soap and water and manipulation gradually convert individual loose wool and other fibers into something that feels almost like suede. Each wool and each combination of wool and other fibers and fabrics interacts slightly differently.  I enjoy the suspense of discovering what unexpected textures, shapes, and colors will occur to make the final fiber painting even more interesting than I imagined.  Incorporating a wide variety of fibers and fabrics can also take the painting off the flat plane and add visual excitement. I also enjoy the way the warmth and uniqueness of the finished work draw viewers in.



In 2016 I was incredibly fortunate to be able to walk for two months across Spain, watching spring come in the rural areas and meeting people from around the world. Being a part of the moving community of pilgrims, landowners, and volunteers on three lightly traveled routes of the Camino de Santiago and speaking as many as four languages in one day made a big impression. Through my fiber paintings, I enjoy sharing images of places that caught my attention but few people ever see. I have also been moved to explore the possibilities of turning my inner thoughts and feelings into more conceptual work, and I hope viewers will appreciate the increased freedom of expression it has allowed.

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