Gallery 1

Melissa May — Houses
May 9 - June 17

After the Rain.jpg

In this exhibit, Melissa May focuses on one of these recurring images – the form of the house. A house is a container for a family or an individual. It represents the idea of home. It holds our possessions and our loved ones. It can reflect our values, our taste, and our traditions. It can mean autonomy or confinement; isolation or togetherness; growth or loss; birth and death. "For me, and many during the coronavirus pandemic, our homes became so much more important and also changed in their function. These quilts express this moment in my own life’s journey and I hope will also resonate with the viewer in ways that are meaningful for them."

Gallery 2 & 3


This exhibit explores the theme of Conversations. Conversations happen all the time with other beings. However, the most intimate ones happen internally with ourselves. When we create, we engage in an internal conversation that becomes visible and connected to the cloth textile. Meditating on the meaning of attachment while actually weaving fibers, mending torn and frayed edges, and sewing pieces together continues to teach us about the interconnectedness of human beings and how we can love more deeply.