Gallery 1


Ludmila is an internationally recognized fiber artist best known for her award-winning fine-art quilted and mixed media works. Both her new works from Serenity series and earlier abstract and selected works from Cityscapes series will be displayed from June 21 through July 28. 

Ludmila employs both traditional and innovative fabric manipulations techniques, including hand painting, piecing, pleating, applique, bead embroidery, folding, tucking and unraveling, as well as hand and machine quilting to explore the relationship between light and color. She is interested to see how different fabrics behave and the emotional feelings that can be expressed.

Gallery 2 & 3

Juggling Act_Kelly Spell.png

Complementary Curves is an exhibition combining the bold, abstract textile works of Audrey Esarey and Kelly Spell, which feature curved lines and circular shapes. Drawn to dynamic color combinations that emphasize contrast in value and hue, Audrey and Kelly strive to push the boundaries of quilting past a singular, repeating block motif. Their work, while modern and contemporary, leverages techniques grounded in the tradition of quilted textile art.


Working independently in a series, their exploration of curved designs produced numerous iterations of their original inspirations, resulting in a complementary collection of compositions that celebrate color and shape. This joint exhibition is a reflection of Audrey and Kelly’s artistic journeys, which currently follow a similar path despite their separate beginnings. Each artist’s work, while different, shares some of the same creative DNA.