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Ann Liddle

My body of work is diverse.  I’ve used many different fiber mediums and techniques over the years.  I like to try new things but do circle around to some favorite mediums and techniques.  For example, I’ve used crochet and knitting to make sculptures in several different series.  Also, papier mache.  I’ve used hand-stitching in many ways – on sheer fabric, on canvas, and on painted polyester.  Sculpture is my preferred form but I’ve adapted it to the wall in many pieces.  On the other hand, sometimes it works to work in 2-D.  I get ideas from many sources and then adapt them to my style and capabilities.  I’ve recently seen some interesting sculptures using needle felting which I may try.  I have used it for some sculptures and for jewelry but I'm interested in trying larger abstract pieces.  I hope to have some new work (depending on the timing!) but would also like to show some existing work.  I could ensure a very diverse, interesting, and colorful exhibit. 

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