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Kathleen Otoo and Ekua T. Ankuma

October 25 – December 1

Kathleen Otoo

In 2012 my family relocated from Accra, Ghana to Virginia, leaving my profession as a successful business owner. Here I discovered a passion for fabrics that became a catalyst for my quilting journey. Instead of paint, I explore my canvas with assorted scrap fabrics sourced from my home country Ghana and other countries. I incorporate what is seen as garbage in contemporary times into an element resulting in unique outcomes of my various designs drawn from traditional, modern, and contemporary techniques.

Collaborating with my friend Ekua of “2 Quilts 1 Patch," we presented  a fund-raising exhibition “The Nexus of Fabric” supporting the Leukemia Foundation of Ghana and the Senior Correctional Centre for Boys. This was a huge success as the very first event of its kind held in Accra, Ghana.

Ekua Ankuma

Ekua has been a resident of Falls Church, Virginia for the past 17 years. She picked up a love of quilting before she even knew that it was an established art form. She is deeply invested in creating beauty out of discard or unwanted items because she believes that there is beauty in every stage of life, something to be admired and stories untold to be discovered. 


As a longarm quilter and a student of new ideas, she loves creating memorable moments and meaningful experiences through Quilts!

For the first time, the idea of creating quilts from African fabrics has been an exciting endeavor. 

She is ever a student of new life experiences and new ideas.

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